Our Classic Cars

We can recommend a number of tours for you to enjoy during your time here in the Shires and be assured that we will collect you from any destination you require and professionally chauffeur you to your event with the utmost class and dedication. During our travel down old country lanes and through the Historical and Medieval towns of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire, we will do our best to provide you with our knowledge of the local sites along the way.

Enjoy the best of Britain, with a truly British experience.

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This century inspired vehicle has been hand built by our very own astounding engineers, which means it is personalised and tailored to suit even the wettest of the English weather with a fully installed heating system. Whilst on the other hand, it hosts a easily retractable launderette roof, to give you those pleasant convertible experiences on the sunniest of days.


This vehicle is truly impeccable in every aspect, being beautiful in the most traditional way and also owning a fully serviced, eco-friendly system.

  • Seats up to seven passengers

  • Retractable rear hood for convertible drives

  • 17ft in length, 6ft 6 inches in width, 6 ft in height

  • Plush interior leather

  • SVA/IVA tested

  • Modern and reliable Zetec engine

  • Classic black and Old English cream

  • Eco-friendly

We understand that sometimes you want something more than just a tour, you want an experience. We, Shropshire Tours, truly believe that the best way to experience the spectacular British countryside is from nowhere else but the back seat of our unique and vintage-inspired classic car.