The Bridgnorth tour is well known for up and down the hills and valleys of many villagers such as MuchWenlock. Leading to the great Severn Valley Railway we visit the traditional 1930s ice cream bike for an ice cream. 
The town of Bridgnorth gives you a large range of stops for tea and coffee. Than after finally arriving you to the Severn Valley Railway then after your enjoyable day taking you back to your preferred destination wherever it might be assuring to pass all the magnificence of the Bridgnorths picturest valleys. 
Northgate Museum
Cliff Railway

Events and Activities

Tour with us and take the opportunity to marvel at Bridgnorth's magnificent history. Full of treasures and heritage, the Northgate Museum is the place to be if you want to keep the entire family interested and find out some interesting facts about our local town along the way.

Northgate Museum